Each person and time of year require a different arrangement,
a bouquet in spring is not the same as in autumn,
the colors, smells and sensations are very different, that’s why
we use seasonal flowers without forgetting the great .
variety that we have in our fields

We work both with fresh flowers, preserved flowers,
or natural plants depending on the decorative project we
have to do.

My Crazy Flower Love, is our beautiful brand that covers
all the wonderful world of flowers but in addition to floral
arrangements we can carry out the whole project ofall the
decoration either for a wedding, an event of a company
or a social event.

We record our work with a moodboard of inspiration so that
all our clients can understand the final result and take part
in the creation of the project.

We make decorations every day of the year,
anytime and we provide it to any point on the island.